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Wildland Assignments


Laramie County Fire District #1 volunteers have the unique opportunity to not only serve their community with wildland fire skills and training, but to activate in support of agencies across the United States on national fire incidents. As weather patterns change and green and lush summers lead to fuel-heavy fall seasons, we are forced to strike a balance between maintaining community support to suppress wildland fires and deploying an engine and trained wildland firefighters. However, when we are able to support those national incidents, it is a great opportunity for volunteers to gain experience and a good paycheck. National fire assignments are paid out based on an annual assessment of skills and their value. We also will assist in opportunities to gain further training which can change your role on the deployment and increase your pay significantly.  

Quick facts:

  • An assignment is a 14 day commitment with up to 1-2 days travel time on both ends.
  • Assignments can be anywhere within the United States, but usually will be in the Rockies and West to the Pacific Coast. 
  • Those seeking to volunteer for an assignment must be ready as they may only receive a few hours notice to get out the door
  • You will be provided with basic PPE, but you will want to/need to provide your own set of personal items (toiletries, tent, sleeping bag, ect.)
  • As a Wyoming State volunteer, you are paid at your highest qualification. 
  • The district is also fully reimbursed for equipment and vehicles that are activated for the assignment to compensate time and utilization.
  • Most training is provided in the spring and fall months, as most volunteers are gone during the summer months.

If interested, contact Ben Hopkins at