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Rescue 12

1996 Pierce Arrow

Capabilities/Functions: Paratech Interstate VSK Kit, Paratech Lifting Bags, Paratech PAK Hammer, CMC Rope Rescue Team Rigging Kit, Vortex Tri-Pod, SKED Rescue System, TNT Heavy Duty Extrication Tools, Turtle Cribbing B-Kit, Confined Space Rescue Equipment, (2) Ventilation Fans, PIG Spill Kits, (4) 10' Spill Booms, (8) Scott X3 Air-Packs, Four Gas Detector, Test Paper Kit (PH, K, F, M8), TIC, Various Dimensional Lumber, Plywood, 15,000 lb Winch with Kit, Scene Lighting, Utility Air Compressor, Portable Band Saw, K-12 Saw, Chainsaw, Dewalt Power Tool Kit, Mechanic Tool Kit.